Fred's Birthday

Fred turned...can you believe it, thirty this year! Pretty soon we'll have to buy him his first razor.

Halloween 2003

Winslow had a little halloween party. Lots of costumes, lots of booz.

Lens Choices

For Sri Lanka I'm taking a page from the boy scout handbook: I'm going to buy a wide angle lens and a compact zoom with image stabilization. Or, so I thought.

Blog Spam?

I'm now getting spam in my blog comments. I take a fairly purist stance on my blog comments -- I don't alter them or delete them. I figure if you care enough to send your very best, who am I to edit it? But, I think spam crosses the line. Like an insect infestation you just can't get rid of, spam seeps into every nook and cranny of my web experience. I don't think its fair to subject my few web log readers to spam comments, so snip snip, they're gone.

Late Nights

I always do this: I have grand expectations about how much work I can actually get done in any given amount of time. This week marks the end of one of our coding milestones at work, and once again I find myself a long way from the fnish line. 

Media Room Remodel

Our media room has never worked for us. A few months ago we finally broke down and hired an interior designer to sort it out.