Our media room has never worked for us. The layout stinks, the carpet is a bit sucky, and we chose what could be the worst color to paint a room with twelve foot ceilings: slate. A few months ago we finally broke down and hired an interior designer to sort it out. We spend a lot of time up there, so we might as well make it a place we can enjoy.

Well, after tons of planning and what seems like an endless stream of checks to the interior designer, construction has begun! In an effort to save some cizash I did a bunch of the demolition myself. It started out fun, but man, I'm not cut out to work construction. It's way too much work. Every joint in my body aches tonight, and I even got a cramp in my middle finger. I didn't even know you could get a cramp there.

I'm chronicling all the work that's going on with a series of photos. I will be making regular updates to these photos as the work progresses.

Finished Product

The room has been finished and all the goodies are installed. All of our furniture has arrived and we've been enjoying the room for a few months.

Progress Updates


  • The subfloor has been opened to lay the wiring conduit.
  • Existing wiring for the house audio and video has been pulled to the new location.
  • Plumbing for the bar and bathroom has been relocated and is nearly finished.


  • Plumbing is done.
  • Electrical is done.
  • Walls have been closed up and re-textured.
  • Painting has begun.


  • Painting is done.
  • Flooring is done.
  • Lighting cables are done.
  • Bathroom fixtures are done.
  • Stair railing is installed.
  • Trim and molding has begun.


  • Cabinets are in.
  • Floors, moldings, etc are done.
  • Lighting is done.
  • Cables are run for the speakers.
  • Awaiting cabinet doors and the completion of the TV stand.


  • Stereo has been installed
  • TV screen wall is done