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A Nagging Problem

There's a problem that's been nagging me since Apple got rid of Aperture and iPhoto and merged them into the mess that is Photos.

Harmless Havoc Meets Azure

Harmless Havoc Meets Azure

If you're reading this Harmless Havoc has successfully been transferred to Windows Azure. 

CSS, Photoshop & HTML Hacks

Ok, after what seems like too many late nights I’m finally calling the new theme to Urban Potato done.

Bundle This

Every time I need to talk to Qwest (our ISP) about anything I get the same thing:  in their focus to upsell me with bundled packages they forget all about why I actually called.

iPhone 3G

I have a confession: I'm a closet iPhone user. And I just waited in line six hours for a new one.

New Servers, Version 2.0 Redux

I had this great idea for laying down a new pair of servers as virtual servers running on some reasonably decent hardware. I’ve been fiddling nonstop for the last three weeks with this beast (ask Danna; she’s ready to disown me). I’ve learned a lot about how Virtual Server works. Enough to know that what I was trying to do would never work.