First, I wrote my own blogging engine and hosted it on a server at my house. 

Maintaining it was a time sink, so I caved and adopted the very good Blog Engine.NET.  I added custom software to better handle photos and wrapped it up in a custom designed style.

Maintaining that custom server was a time sink too so I caved and started hosting it on Azure.

Maintaining updates and bug fixes to the code on Azure was a time sink too and now I've completely thrown in the towel and moved my entire blog to SquareSpace.

It turns out I'm no longer at a point in my life where it is interesting to redo what someone else has done.  SquareSpace's editing is great.  Their styles are great.  Their mobile support is great.  Porting all the content?  Well, that wasn't so great, but it's done.  Sorry about losing all the comments.  

Danna has an account too and I hear that she's excited to write up our Spain trip.  Right, Danna?