New House!

Danna and I have filled our existing domicile to the breaking point so we are moving on. We have found a lovely new house that has all of the characteristics we desire: space, two parking spaces, and walking distance to bars and restaurants. Check out the photo spread!

Fanatics don't just believe in Islam

Believe whatever you want, but the notion that anyone who doesn’t believe in your god is a heathen that must be saved is exactly the reason we have over six thousand people dead in New York.

Sailing through the locks

We went sailing with Todd, Katie, Cindy and Hunter through the Ballard Locks. Check out the photos.

Wine Tasting, Napa, CA

Napa is a pretentious place. The funny thing is that it reminds me a lot of Vegas, only everyone in Napa thinks they’re really stylish.

Whistler, BC

Some shots of a nice summer whistler trip.