New Year's Eve 2001

Happy new year! We made it through one more year, marching toward our graves with the sure-footedness only Father Time can provide.

Christmas Model

Frankie was chosen to be the model du jour for our Christmas cards. Here is the final card, formatted for your viewing pleasure. Like most models, Frankie was fussy from the start. Check out the pictures to see the sordid details of Frankie's first foray into modeling.

Thanksgiving 2000

Thanksgiving is a strange time of the year.  It's a time when everyone looks forward to eating as much as they can, so they can have enough energy to shop the next day, braving the throngs of countless thousands in order to buy consumer goods that won't be needed for a month.

Point Defiance Zoo, Washington

A couple of weeks ago we headed to the zoo for some good zoo fun. I've never been to a Washington zoo. Point Defiance: not the best choice. It's a nice zoo, but I wanted monkeys. That's right, no monkeys! They didn't even have any zoo keepers that remotely looked like monkeys. I was heartbroken. However, I did find one lovable whale that was fun to watch. He was downright cute, and looked very intelligent. A bond was made.

Olympic Peninsula, Washington

We got the camping bug and decided to trek to the Olympic Peninsula. We had no real reason for choosing this site, except that it is only about three hours away. So we loaded up the 'Beamer for a bit of quality Kar Kamping and headed out west.

While camping was fun and we ate plenty of burnt flesh, we encountered a sign that stated that just over yonder was the westernmost point in the contiguous US. Definitely need to see that. So, off we went, and we discovered some of the most beautiful and rugged seascapes I've ever seen. Sure, they'd be nicer if the weather wasn't cloudy, bit the gray adds a bit of mystery and sorrow. So come along and check it out!

San Francisco, California

Our first major excursion to San Francisco happened to be on Pride weekend. Our cameras were snapping overtime at the sights to behold. There is much more to see than there is to talk about, so check out the photographs.

Deep Fried Delight

Nothing says lovin' like a big deep fryer. Deep fried turkey tastes good. So good, in fact, that you can serve it just about any time you want. If you have never seen or tasted deep fried turkey, I strongly urge you to try it.