Paris, France

Paris, France

While many Americans were hunkered down in their bunkers waiting for the end of the world, we didn't see it that way. It seemed impossible to us that any amount of computer failure could cause civilization to end. What, you say? It's not the computers but the second coming? Well, if the end of the world was truly upon us I'd rather be swilling wine in a great restaurant than sitting in a cold muddy pit slurping up some cold sphagetti-o's. So we headed off to Paris to ring in the new century…..

The Consumer

I have a question for all of you:  If you were a country, what would be your primary export?  Most of us have no answer; we export nothing. 

The Garage

Cars are the most worthless purchases you can make. But oh, are they fun to drive.

Meet Frankie

Frankie is part dog, part cat, all hair. He lays around like a cat, but requires the attention of a dog. And, just when you thought you could get away from him, up pops a tuft of hair from some impossible location.