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Long Live the Threek!

I just don’t get it. Traditionally, forks have four tines. One, two, three, four. But lately, I’ve seen tableware sets that offer forks with – get this – three tines.

I'm That Guy

When I was in college I used to laugh at my uncle. Whenever my aunt went out of town my uncle would call me up and ask me to come over and help him with some hair-brained scheme that had to be done before my aunt got home. Now that Danna's out for a couple of weeks I've come to the conclusion that I'm that guy.

Patent Schmatent

Brighthand has a great article chronicling all the patent infringement lawsuits currently plaguing the handheld industry. It's truly a mess.

Viruses and Cars

I read on C/Net today that some believe that software makers should be liable for virus attacks. 

UPS, Welcome to 2003

I always find UPS a great example of a business model that has reached the end of an era.

You Have 2400 Unread Messages

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