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iPhone 3G

I have a confession: I'm a closet iPhone user. And I just waited in line six hours for a new one.

New Servers, Version 2.0 Redux

I had this great idea for laying down a new pair of servers as virtual servers running on some reasonably decent hardware. I’ve been fiddling nonstop for the last three weeks with this beast (ask Danna; she’s ready to disown me). I’ve learned a lot about how Virtual Server works. Enough to know that what I was trying to do would never work.

New iPhone

I told myself: just one trip to the Apple store. If they had a phone in stock, I'd buy it. If not, I wouldn't sweat it and I wouldn't order it over the internet. They had one in stock. I bought it, and that's where the saga begins.

Xbox 360 Rocks

Xbox 360 Rocks

Danna was able to snag me an XBox 360 for Christmas. So I guess I should be saying that Danna rocks -- which she does.

Epson R-D1 Camera

Epson R-D1 Camera

I didn't know what it was, but it was interesting. "It" was an Epson R-D1 camera. 

Media Center Extender

A while ago I posted my experience setting up a new HP z540 media center. It is one slick PC, and that was my primary beef with it: it was a PC.

The iMate Jam

The iMate Jam is a nice, small, Pocket PC phone.