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Danna's Graduation Party

After five years, Danna finally finished her MBA. She wanted a low key bar night, but instead I gathered up all the people she invited to the bar, multiplied by several more, and had them all surprise her at our house when she got back from her last final.

Aruba Honeymoon

Aruba Honeymoon

We came, we saw, we wed. Then, amidst gift delivery and relative flurry we fled to Aruba. 

Scaffolding Party

We just can't leave our house well enough alone. This time, it's getting a new coat of paint. With all the scaffolding around the house it's a perfect time to have a party.

Port Ludlow Boating Party

Last weekend we traveled to Port Ludlow with some friends of ours for a Sea Ray cruising club party. Apparently, a prerequisite for owning a Sea Ray is a strong and able liver. Danna is convinced now that we need a boat of our own. All I'm convinced of is that I need to remain friends with Mark and Suzanne.

Fred's Fire and Meat Party

Fred had a wonderful fire and meat party over the memorial day weekend. Both fire and meat get a smiling thumbs up! Kudos to Robert for cooking quite a lot of professional-grade barbeque.

Halloween 2003

Winslow had a little halloween party. Lots of costumes, lots of booz.