Something about Urban Potato hasn't sat right with me since I rolled the site out. What is it? It's that Urban is really a sort of "data island". It provides our own commentary, but doesn't really mix and flow with the rest of the web. ChrisAn's blog roll is a great index of some cool and simple technolgies that people have created to better fuse with the web. Some of my favorites include automatic indexes of the top ten referrers, or the last ten visits (Chris Hollander's blog). I really like the how Mike Harsh's blog builds and saves a set of related links at the end of each article. These links are dynamically created through referrals and trackbacks.

Yes, I'm partially in love with any technology that I can use to make my web presence more "clever", but this is actually more fundamental than a fancy flash plug-in or whizzy JavaScript menus. This is about increasing the connectedness of like information. It's about creating a distributed search engine powered by people. It increases the relavance of the web tremendously. Now, to code it.