I like having all of my CD's ripped to my media PC. But, my computer is connected to my main AV system, and that system can distribute music throughout my home. That poses a problem, however: when I'm not in front of the computer, how do I choose the music I want? I thought about using either a laptop or one of the new smart displays to remotely control the PC, but that still leaves me carrying around another remote to control volume and other functions of the processor. It looks like my search for utopia may be over thanks to Universal Electronics Nevo. Nevo is great universal remote software for Pocket PCs that is now available for Smart Displays. There's a great article describing it here.

There's only one problem: other than a promotion that ended in July I can find no mention of a Viewsonic Smart Display that comes bundled with Nevo. Looks like I need to dig a bit more.