A long time ago I rewired the wiring closet in our house. "Closet" is a pretty loose term for a small hole in the wall of our pantry. When I rewired, I made everything nice and neat. I found all the CAT 5 wires the builders had stuffed in the wall and tied them to a nice switch. Wonderful. Well, I made two errors. The first was I put a whole lotta stuff in that hole. Stuff that draws power, generates heat, etc. I've never felt confortable with that. The second is that all the stuff that draws power has no battery backup. When the power goes out, so does Urban Potato because we lose internet access. This weekend I fixed most of this: I moved the DSL modem into the office, added another layer of firewall between our web server and the home network, and bought another drive so I could back up the web server content. Twenty-four hours later, everything is back up and seems to be stable. Wow.