6 Month Check-up

Cole went to his 6 month check-up yesterday. Luckily Dr. Telzrow has quick reflexes because once his diaper came off Cole took aim at Dr. Telzrow. Cole is at a 50/50 rate for peeing at people at the doctors office. Cole weighed in at 16 lbs 6.5 oz and measured 26 inches tall.

New name for Cole

We have a new name for Cole - we just call him Tooth. His first tooth broke through last Thursday. It is his bottom left front tooth.

What's for Dinner?

We started Cole on rice cereal 3 weeks ago - since then he has eaten oatmeal and carrots. We are now on the fast track for "real food" and will be trying green beans then sweet potatoes next. For the fruits and veggies I am making Cole's food - for those of you that know how well I cook this may come as a surprise to you. But don't call child services yet - all I have to do is steam the veggies and then throw them in the blender. Now I have a use for my blender besides maragaritas.

Day Care

Cole started day care a few weeks ago. Both Brian and I are back at work full time now. He was at day care for a total of 8 hours before he came down with his first cold. He had a fever, stuffy nose and a cough - not fun for him or us. His fever went away but he has had a stuffy nose for the past 3 weeks. I'm not sure if it is the same cold or if he gets better and then catches another cold again. We should just rename the day care to germ factor. On Cole's 5th day of day care, I pick him up at the end of the day and see that he isn't wearing pants and I notice another baby at the day care is wearing pants that look just like Cole's pants. You gotta wonder what kind of party they are having at the day care when kids come home in other kids pants.

Sitting Pretty

Cole can sit up unassisted now and he loves it! He is still wobbly but has the mad skills for keeping himself upright despite the wobbles.