Cole went to his 4 month check-up this week. After much poking and prodding Dr. Telzrow gave Cole a clean bill of health. New stats for The Boy™: Weight: 14 lbs 9 oz; Height: 25 1/2 inches. Cole received immunizations again but this time I was better prepared - gave him Tylenol before the appointment, had a bottle ready for after and had Daddy the fun factory with us. Cole still screamed when he got the shots but it didn't last as long this time.

Cole is developing his gross motor skills but not always in a coordinated fashion - when on his tummy he can lift up his bottom and push forward but he can't get his chest off the floor so he doesn't get very far.

On the Subject of Names

"Cole" is far too simple to pronounce, and not nearly descriptive enough to describe the many moods of The Boy™. Here is a small sampling of the various aliases Cole goes by:

  • TootenKamen
  • Sir Spits A Lot
  • Señor Fussy-Pants
  • Fussalufagus
  • Juice Tiger
  • Hair
  • Stink Bubbles
  • Funk in da Trunk
  • Belch
  • Houdini
  • Kicky Kickerman
  • CEO of Fuss Incorporated
  • Mini Me

On the Subject of Hand-to-Mouth Coordination

On the good side, Cole can reach for things and put them in his mouth. He’s starting to hold his bottle on his own too. On the bad side, what reaches his hands reaches his mouth. Quickly. With no forethought. You’re either fast, or gooey. Lots of things go in there, including his feet, your shirt, your neck, or his own appendages. Cole has even given himself a hickey.