Cole has picked up some new skills:

  1. Sucking his hand...he is an equal opportunity sucker and gladly sucks on either hand sometimes both at the same time.
  2. Batting at things...he swings his arms at toys dangling over him and is able to hit them most of the time. Brian is now trying to teach Cole the "pull my finger" trick.
  3. Rolling on his side...he doesn't do it all the time yet but a number of times he has managed to get himself onto his side from his back.
  4. Smiling....he is a social creature and will happily smile at anyone who will look his way. Cole has a way of smiling up at me as I am trying to put him down for a nap that just says I am a social butterfly and don't really want to sleep right now.
  5. Unruly hair...not sure if this is really a skill but boy does he have constant bed head that we affectionately call Krazy Ass Hair.
  6. Houdini-like escape tactics...we swaddle him to put him to sleep and in the matter of seconds he can have both is arms free from the blanket. Is all it takes is a few grunts and a few wiggles and his arms pop right out of wrapped blanket.
  7. Standing...ok not standing on his own but he locks his knees and stands up when we support him.
  8. Rhythm...remember the Elaine dance from Seinfield, well Cole has a version of that dance that he does lying down. His legs and arms get going and he wiggles and kicks around. He definitely got Brian's dancing skills.