I have a confession: I'm a closet iPhone user. And I just waited in line six hours for a new one.

I've been using Windows Mobile devices for years -- all the way back to when they were called "Palm-Sized PC". They had better screen resolution and more power than my existing Palm Pilot, so the better technology won me over.

That same transition happend last year when I donned dark glasses and a hat and entered an Apple store for the very first time. Seven minutes later (they are efficient), I walked out with a new iPhone. I've never experienced the retail packaging nirvana that comes from opening an Apple product. It's just clean. I like that attention to detail. The iPhone turned out to be an amazing device. Although defficient in many features that my former Windows Mobile phone had, what it provided worked well, and most importantly, was a joy to use.

But I craved faster data rates. Software at the app store showed that location awareness was the next Big Thing, so I also craved a GPS (the cell triangulation the current iPhone does isn't bad, but it isn't terribly accurate and I have had cases in rural areas where triangulation was impossible). The only "valid" feature I wanted on the new phone was a louder speaker.

So my friend Todd and I loaded up a couple bloody marys in coffee cups and headed out to wait at the Apple store for our new Jesus phones.